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Columbia Work Injury Accident | Columbia Construction Injury

Posted: June 9, 2015
By: Dr. Kathy McAuliffe

Columbia work injury could limit or end your ability to perform your usual occupation. Whether these work related injuries last a few days or the remainder of your life, their affects are far-reaching.Columbia work injury accident can result in permanent disability. Often, they result in financial losses: work related injuries can require costly medical treatment and recuperation time may mean lost wages.

Work related injuries are any injuries or illnesses that result from the employee’s required job duties. Work related injuries can happen at any mandatory event or location, or whenever the employee is being paid.

Those who suffer work related injuries should report them as soon as possible to their employer using the proper forms. Work related injuries should also be investigated by a physician, as medical evidence for claims of work related injuries is generally required in the form of a physician’s statement.

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